Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Wholeness: From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Integration

Tired of playing a balancing act out of work versus life in pursuit of a more joyous life?


Society has placed an emphasis on this distinction, suggesting that it’s because we work too much that we are unhappy. Furthermore, it presents the idea that if we separate our career from the rest of our life, designating time to tend diligently to each one, then we will be happier. And still, stories continue to emerge about how tough it is to succeed in the traditional sense of a career while also maintaining a nourishing home, social life and connected family.

(Art by Jon Han)

(Art by Jon Han)

It appears our mainstream society hasn't really executed a better balancing of work and life as separate pursuits. Perhaps this divisive way of thinking is contributing to a more fragmented life instead of offering us portals to wholeness. 


So, let’s explore something new. There’s a budding new approach that suggests instead integrating work with life together. Instead of pursuing happiness and wholeness as an end goal, what if activating and integrating more aspects of ourselves within daily practices and routines allowed us to live into wholeness? I find truth in my experience of this.


In this endeavor, happiness simply becomes a by-product rather than an elusive holy grail. 


This process could take many forms.


My attempt towards work-life integration thus far is an experiment that’s still underway. In order to make this life one beautiful adventure converging being and doing, I’ve been exploring discovering my unique purpose. As I sought to reveal the mysteries as to what I cared about most, it began to point strongly and continually to transformation. This includes how human consciousness can be expanded upon in order to alleviate suffering and help people realize their innate worth and interconnection here on earth.


So I’ve teamed up with others who have similar visions. We’ve created a community in a shared home in which we work and live as one endeavor. We pursue this in the name of expanding global access to ways of supporting those who desire to engage in a path of transformation. We’ve committed to our own transformative growth in alignment with this mission as well.


Our daily life includes well being practices such as meditation, exercise, healthy eating, and engaging spontaneous dialogues whereas all the while collaborative work projects are interwoven throughout.


There’s nothing to hide because nothing is separate. Our darkest fears, worries and weaknesses are just as present as our enchanting hopes and dreams.


In many ways this experience so far has proven to be paradoxically the most challenging endeavor I’ve ever undertaken, while also being the most fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding. My empathy as to why our culture has chosen to separate work and life, despite its ineffectiveness has grown as I’ve faced these challenges. I’ve had many moments where I have wanted to give up, yet the powerful vision of living a life engaged with purposeful work as a more and more whole version of myself prevails.