In Conversation with the Mysteries of the World

Do you ever have the feeling of excitement when you come across a passage in a book, a song, or a painting that so deeply speaks to you? Well, that's how I feel right now about the below excerpt from Bill Plotkin's presentation of Soulcraft.

She no longer conforms to nor rebels against society, she chooses a third way.

She wanders, beyond the confines of her precious identity. The wanderer crosses and recrosses borders in order to find something whose location is unknown and unknowable. She will conclude she has found it not by its location, but by how it feels, how it resonates with her upon discovery. She doesn't know where or when or how clues will appear, so she wanders incessantly, both inwardly and outwardly, always looking, imagining, feeling.

In her wandering, she makes her own path.

The wanderer discovers her unique path by perceiving the world with imagination and feeling. She senses what is possible as well as actual. She sees into people, places and possibilities, and she cultivates a relationship with the invisible realms as much as with the visible. She is in conversation with the mysteries of the world, on the lookout for signs and omens. She attend especially to the edges, those places where one thing merges with another, where consciousness shifts and opens, where the world becomes something different from what it initially appeared to be.

The wanderer seeks to discover her unique and authentic place in life. Not just any place will do.

Her authentic place is not simply one that someone will pay her to occupy (like a job), nor a task she happens to have talent to preform (like an art or craft), nor a career a vocational counselor recommends for her (like banking or social work), nor a social role (like caregiver, student, parent, servant or leader, whore or rebel) in which other people will accept her. It's got to be her place, one in keeping with her virtual core. It is a place defined not by the deeds she performs, but by the qualities of the soul she embodies; not by her physical, social or economic achievements, but by the true character she manifests; neither by her capacity to conform to the masses nor by her ability to creatively rebel against the mainstream, but... the unique way she performs her giveaway for her community.

My gratitude to Bill Plotkin for discovering these truths. I am also thankful he took the time to find a way to so eloquently articulate and share them, so people such as me could find resonance, hope and connection in understanding.

(Shout out to Ryu for introducing me to Soulcraft)